Vital V-HANGGER Hang a chain block Ready for use if you have wood poles or metal pipes.

Used for various jobs, at various sites

  • Pull out trees
  • Install submerged pumps
  • Hume pipe burial construction

How to use

VK-10 (for 1 ton)

  1. Get 3 metal pipes for legs or for gas pipe) of 48.6mm diameter and approximately 3mm thick.
  2. Insert the pipes in the joints and firmly tighten the bolts.

Keep the pipes upright and firmly tie the legs together with roper between them.

VK-20 (for 2 ton)

  1. Get 3 wood poles/metal pipes (approximately 4 mm thick)
  2. Insert the tips of the pipes so they hit the joint backs, and firmly tighten using U bolts.
  3. After completing steps 1 and 2, decide the position of legs and stand up the structure.

Firmly tie the legs together with rope between them.

Precautions during use

Firmly tie the legs together with a rope so that they do not spread too wide apart. For 1 ton, the legs can be easily tied with ropes by fitting separately sold non-skid knobs (spikes) on the legs.

If the legs are not tied with rope on solid ground,

  1. The legs may spread too wide apart and cause damage.
  2. The legs may slip and cause the hanging load to fall.


Model For 3 legs
Code VK – 10 Vk – 20
Rated Load 1 ton 2 ton
Legs used 
(Get them separately)
 ·Metal pipe
·Diameter 48.6mm ·About 3mm thick
 ·Wood poles, or  metal pipe (about 4mm thick)
min.70, max.90mm
Own weight 5.0kg 5.9kg
2.0m 1.5m
3.0m 2.1m
4.0m 2.7m
5.0m 3.3m
6.0m 3.9m

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