Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps TURBO TM Series

Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps TURBO TM 1100 - 2200 A

Turbo is our product line of turbomolecular vacuum pumps. Turbo vacuum pumps were developed for high vacuum industrial applications.

Turbo is the range of turbomolecular vacuum pumps from Busch. Turbo vacuum pumps are designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications, from glass coating to vacuum furnaces. In these industries manufacturers share a need for robust, reliable, production-friendly vacuum technology. Focusing on the total cost of ownership, Busch continues to deliver innovative vacuum solutions that maximize throughput, tolerate varying operating conditions and simplify maintenance, helping to assure maximum uptime and efficiency. Busch Turbo pumps are designed to withstand heavy industrial use; they can handle high gas loads and are unaffected by accidental air in-rushes. Turbo vacuum pumps have an innovative ceramic bearing design which is oil-free, contamination free and requires no preventive maintenance. The bearing design also allows the pump to be mounted in any position and maintain its vacuum performance. Busch offers a compact, comprehensive range of turbomolecular vacuum pumps and systems for industrial uses, with truly integrated electronics mounted within the pump body.

• Glass coating equipment (architectural glass, automotive glass, flat panel display substrates)
• Thin film solar cell production (photo voltaic)
• Surface treatments for materials and applying wear coatings
• Functional and decorative coatings, including metallization
• Optical coating (ophthalmic, precision opto-electronics)
• Roll / web coating on films or foils
• PVD and other plasma process systems with high gas loads
• Vacuum furnaces / brazing
• Electron beam welding

Technical Specifications
The Turbo TM 1100 - 2200 A range of turbomolecular vacuum pumps operates with the principle of a turbine blade. The rapidly rotating rotor blades impart momentum to the gas molecules and their initially random movement is changed to a controlled flow within the pump body. The pumping process of the turbomolecular vacuum pump moves the gas molecules through the pump from the low pressure inlet flange to the high pressure exhaust port. To create this momentum in the gas molecules, the tips of the rotor blades have to move at high speed (> 30.000 min-1). The Turbo compact rotor design is best in class with the highest performance and throughput combined with a small footprint. The integrated molecular drag technology allows higher foreline pressures resulting in high system efficiency and requiring smaller backing pumps. All the Turbo series turbomolecular vacuum pumps use permanently lubricated ceramic ball bearings with a mean time to failure(MTTF) well exceeding 200.000 operating hours.

Technical data Turbo TM 1100 ATurbo TM 1600 ATurbo TM 2200 A
Nominal pumping speed for N2 l/s 1080 1600 2200
Recommended size of forepump m3/h >36 >40 >60
Ultimate pressure* hPa (mbar) < 1·10-10 < 5·10-8 < 1·10-8
Max. foreline pressure for N2 hPa (mbar) <1 <1 <0.5
Noise level (ISO 2151) dB(A) <45 <45 <60
Max. operating power W 400 400 515
Required ambient temperature °C 5 - 35 5 - 40 5 - 35
Cooling water consumption l/h >200 >200 >200
Allowed cooling water pressure bar 3 - 5 3 - 5 3 - 5
Allowed cooling water temperature °C 10 - 20 10 - 35 10 - 30
Weight approx. kg 32 37 54
Dimensions (H x Ø) mm 264 x 385 335 x 335 367 x 335
Connection flange pressure / suction side   DN 40 KF / DN 200 ISO-F DN 40 KF / DN 250 ISO-F DN 40 KF / DN 250 ISO-F
*with recommended forepump        


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