Wire Rope Hoist BLACK BEAR

The wire rope hoist line is available as a monorail suspended unit, a footmount unit or a top mounted double girder trolley; all have a service class of “H-4” or “D”. Monorail hoists are available from 1 to 20 Ton capacity, with true vertical lift, single or two speed (3:1) as well as variable frequency drive. The footmount and top running double girder trolleys are cataloged through 60 ton with 40′ of lift. However, for those applications where a catalog model just isn’t right-we offer “built-up” trolley-hoists to 100 tons and beyond.

Hoist Features:

  • Mechanical Load Brake.
  • High Strength 19×7 IWSC (195kg/mm2) Wire Rope.
  • IP-65 Push Button Station.
  • DC motor brake with optional AC motor brake.
  • Heavy cast iron class F motor insulation (single speed) for H4 service.
  • True vertical lift and forged steel hook with safety latch and thrust bearing enable the hook to swivel 360 degrees.
  • On all monorail hoists, a paddle type upper control circuit limit switch is a standard feature.
  • Upper and Lower Geared Limit Switch are available as an option.

Monorail Hoist


Top Running Hoist

Footmount Hoist


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