SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact PLUS

Compact, modular high voltage motors with modular cooling concept for applications in a wide range of sectors and applications. They are available with cast iron enclosures up to shaft height 560 mm and with steel enclosure for shaft height 630 and 710 mm across applications in a wide range of sectors. Characteristic features are high power ratings with low envelope dimensions and weight, low energy costs, high reliability, long service life and quiet operation.

Your Benefits

  • High power with low envelope dimensions and weight
  • Low energy costs
  • High reliability and availability with low costs over the whole lifecycle, long service life
  • All sector standards and specifications are fulfilled, e.g. API and requirements of the major ship classification societies
  • Designs for hazardous areas with certificates for many countries
  • For many applications, the motor enables a full electric drive system solution without gear unit
  • Complying with IEC and NEMA standards, in most cases even surpassing them
  • Exceeds most customer and legislated safety requirements

Technical data overview

Brief overview
Shaft heights: 450 – 710 mm
Power range: 500 kW – 11.7 MW
No. of poles: 2 – 12 poles
Rated voltages: 3 – 13.8 kV
Degree of protection: IP55, IP56 non heavy sea
Cooling type: IC 01
IC 611, IC 616
IC 81 W, IC 86 W
Explosion protection: - Non sparking, Zone 2, II 3 G Ex nA II C T3 Gc
- Pressurized, Zone 1, II 2 G Ex px II C T3 Gb


  • Optimized for smallest footprint and high power density
  • High efficiency and power factor
  • MICALASTIC high voltage  insulation system with VPI-impregnation
  • Extensive engineering know-how of many sectors and applications over many years
  • High-speed versions available with a speed control range up to 4800 rpm
  • Highest vibration quality
  • Optimized performance in Integrated Drive Systems featuring MV-converters
  • Low noise level

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