Compact and modular

SIMOTICS DC direct current motors are of compact, modular construction and can also be used in difficult installation conditions. A comprehensive range of attachments is available as well as a varied choice of monitoring and diagnostics options. The high quality of these motors is assured by our comprehensive quality management system. This guarantees reliable, fault-free operation.

  • Series 6.jpg
    General description The SIMOTICS DC motors series 6 are available with shaft heights 160 to 280. The power range extends from 30 kW up to 510 kW and the torque from 300 Nm up to 34...

  • Series 7.jpg
    General descriptionThe SIMOTICS DC motors series 7, shaft heights 355, 400 and 450 were developed using computer-aided design techniques. The thermal and magnetic utilization as we...

  • Series 5.jpg
    General descriptionThe SIMOTICS DC motors series 5, shaft heights 500 and 630, are available in the power range from 300 kW to 1610 kW as well as in the torque range from 8000 Nm u...
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